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MISSION: Introduction to Mindfulness with Kaiser

“Mindfulness” is the hot new buzz-word sweeping through education, psychology, corporate consulting, and just about every domain of our modern lives. From 60 Minutes to the New York Times to the cover of TIME magazine, mindfulness appears to be hitting the mainstream like never before. But what does it mean? And how does it help? During this one hour experiential workshop, we will explore the benefits of mindfulness and learn how to train our attention to the present moment with a kind, open curious attitude.

Speaker Olga Rosito, PhD Licensed Clinical Psychologist 

Presented by the Kaiser Permanente  Women’s Health Liaisons Salila Rajput, M.D. and Alexa Kaskowitz, M.D.

· What is mindfulness

· The benefits of engaging in regular mindfulness practices

· Differences between mindfulness and relaxation

· Introduce simple mindfulness techniques into  daily life

· Additional resources for a more formal practice

This program is sponsored by Kaiser Permanente.

Questions?  Please contact the Mission Branch at (408) 615-2964.

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