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2019 Santa Clara City Library Comic Con 10-12-19 Central Park Library

Anime Screening Schedule

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Crunchyroll Everything Anime 

anime schedule

 Join NAMELESS ANIME for all-day screenings of your
favorite anime in the Teen Pavilion.


 My Hero Academia                                         
 Cells at Work 10:30am
Liad Back Camp 11:00am
 Sweetness and Lightning 11:30am
 Record of Lodoss War 12:00pm
 Black Clover   12:30pm
Gundam Build Divers 1:00pm
 R.O.D. 1:30pm
 Twin Star Exorcists  2:00pm
Coyote Ragtime Show 2:30pm
Nichijou 3:00pm
Girls und Panzer 3:30pm