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Tutor Reflections

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"Every time I meet with my learner, I am inspired by his effusive, pleasant personality, and eagerness to learn. He works very hard to overcome obstacles and tests his ability to learn new things even though they are difficult. It has taught me to continuously improve myself and be engaged in ways that I never thought of before.

I count my blessings for the things I take for granted in my ability to write, read and understand the written word. He makes me a better person by reminding me that being kind and considerate is a choice all of us can make no matter what our circumstance."

-Jim Newton

"The first day I met my learner, we both teared up. After enduring a traumatic experience, she came to Read Santa Clara. Day by day, we grew closer. Not only was my learner becoming more confident with reading and writing, but she was also becoming more comfortable with me. Before every lesson we had a catch up time filled with laughs, stories, and advice.

 The biggest misconception about tutoring is that only one person walks away with more knowledge. As a tutor, I learned just as much—if not more—from my learner."

-Suha Saya

"I am a nerd, have worked in software engineering since college, and am happiest when solving logic problems to make technical systems work reliably. I am also an introvert, uncomfortable with verbal interactions because I need time to formulate ideas and to select the words to verbalize my thoughts. I have, therefore, in life and career, increasingly turned to the practice of writing to communicate and express myself. Silicon Valley may consider itself a digital fiefdom, but I think that the written word is still paramount. A meaningful project assessment to your boss, an explanatory email to a client, a note to your child’s teacher, a detailed query to your medical clinic, a precise accident report to an insurance company—the ability to formulate concisely and articulately these kinds of communications is important. I am involved with Read Santa Clara to help others improve their skills of expression."

-David Bishop